Sunday, June 12, 2011

this weather is not at all good for my hair

I re-discovered this blog again, inspired by Francesca Lia Block (but isn't everything?)

She encouraged writers to get their names "out there", and also, to...write. Which I don't do enough of these for the daily Facebook sharing about what I'm eating or watching.

She was at Cambridge Public Library yesterday. The husband came w/me cuz he's a sweetie.

The Teen Room librarian introduced her, and she got choked up talking about how much the book meant to her, and I totally understood.

FLB is really pretty and so thin (in the pic we took I am wearing this voluminous white top & I look enormous.) She wanted to read from Frenzy but she didn't have a copy of the book with her, and an audience member offered up her Kindle, and FLB needed help working it at first. so cute!

She answered about a million questions, and we got to stand in line and get something signed. I brought Dangerous Angels, b/c it's the quintessential FLB. i was regretting not listening to the husband and bringing Frenzy because she would've held *my* book & read from it! He went downstairs for a bit but then came back up b/c he was thinking I might have liked a picture.

I told her that my favorite book of hers was Girl Goddess #9 but that I didn't have a copy because I keep buying it and giving it away, that my girlfriends will say something, & I'll be like, "you have to read this!" she said that was nice.

but I am a dork. I'm like, "there's a lot in there that women need to" um, at least I wasn't like "omg I love you!" like I did w/Tori Amos,